Atticus VI

Atticus VI (85 BT – 33 BT) is best known as the last (to date) Emperor of a unified Octavius.  Atticus VI took that throne in 45.8 BT after the culmination of the Unification Wars.


A statue of Atticus VI stood outside the city of Danubia until 119.5, when it was destroyed by Empress Iulia Atreus.

Atticus VI held the throne for just 12 years, dying at age 52.  His heir, Atticus Lucanus had disappeared during a hunting trip on Martius, so a Duel of Accession was fought by his nephews for the right to the throne.  Although that duel, in a roundabout way, resulted in Marcus I ascending to the throne, his legitimacy for the Unified Throne was rejected.

The son of Atticus VI later reappeared and became Emperor Atticus Primus of Martius, who claimed (as do his heirs) to be the true Emperor of all Octavius.

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