Cromforge Enterprises

Headquarters: Quantar Core
President: Reshan Lexis
Current # of Employees: 411,841

Slogan: “Power the Galaxy”

Cromforge Enterprises, which was originally founded in 32 AT, is the second-oldest corporation after Tens & Piney.  It has “powered the galaxy”since shortly after the founding of TRI . Having a huge advantage due to its close relationship to The Reconstruction Initiative, Cromforge leapt ahead quickly.

Cromforge initially focused on power plants and propulsion, but diversified into all equipment lines after becoming the official producer for the Quantar system.  Over time, Tens & Piney has dominated the power plant market and Octave Propulsion the propulsion market.  Today, Cromforge’s biggest sellers are the Haven shield, Thorn laser and Grave Robber missile.

Cromforge currently has facilities on all Quantar stations.



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