Unification Wars

The Unification Wars, as they came to be known, were a 42-year-long string of very bloody land and space wars and conflicts between the three planets of Octavius — beginning in 87 BT and ending on 45.7.23 BT. While these were basically a round-robin of planetary wars, with no clear goal for total unification, Atticus VI of Ares Prime recognized the opportunity and seized it.

The final stroke came when the forces of Atticus VI destroyed an invading force from Martius that had landed on Ares Prime; and simultaneously ambushed and and captured a fleet of transports and frigates that had left Cinatus to attack the lightly-guarded Martius.

In three-days’ time, Atticus had effectively crippled the military capabilities of both Cinatus and Martius, and claimed sovereignty over all of Octavius.



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