Hyperial Political Overview



Governmental Structure:  Demarchy
Capital Planet: Hypsos

Hyperial Government is a government by the select.  All of the offices are elected by a select group of four hundred electors called The Directorate. Most, but not all, members of The Directorate are Scientists or Physicians.  All terms are for four years, except President, which is for twelve years.

The Directorate also elects its own members when a seat becomes open due to retirement or death.  Membership in the Directorate is for life, unless one is voluntarily relinquished or removed via impeachment.

While heredity is not officially part of any qualification within The Directorate, most of its members come from a handful of Hyperial families that have become an unofficial nobility.

Key Elected Officials

President: Drago Maximilan, Esq. (m)
Chief Justice: Dante Fablemi III (m)
Mayor of Barnard: Dr. Elin Araad (f)
Station Governor: Commander H.A. Nelson (m)


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