Feast of the Fallen

  • Octavius Major holiday
  • 3-day celebration
  • Begins on Friday before the last Monday in May

The host planet rotates each holiday, and the Grand Marshal is typically, but not always, one of the three Emperors.This is a three-day remembrance of all the warriors who gave their lives for Octavius.  This holiday goes back as far as anyone can remember.  Traditionally the days are split up with day one being “The Day of Remembering,” the second being “The Day of Battle,” and the third being “The Day of Feasting.”

  1. Day of Rembering – there is a tradition where family, friends or squad member gather together an call out names of warriors and heroes who have “Fallen”[1].  This is also done in an official event known as the Recitation of Heroes — which is often presided-over by one of the Emperors[2].
  2. The Day of Battle – some Octavians go out into space looking for battles; others participate in tournaments.
  3. The Day of Feasting – this day is filled with social events.  The highlight is the award ceremonies where deserving Octavian pilots are awarded the National Honors, Night’s Blade and/or Emperor’s Emissary medals.  Most of the awards go to factionalists, but some go to non-factionalist Octavians who have done something extraordinary or performed exceptional service to the Empire.
[1] “fallen” in this sense means “fallen away.” Many of these pilots are still alive, just not flying anymore for various reasons (e.g. physical disabilities, political imprisonment, etc.).
[2] Emperor Clements IV was assassinated during the Recitation of Heroes in 105.

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