The Catastrophe

“The Catastrophe” is the unofficial name for an event that swept through space on 112.4.30, essentially disrupting all systems and destroying some infrastructure as well.  While the cause remains uncertain, one theory published by Dr.Veron Ni’bur theorized that the event was cased by something called dark matter lensing;

According to the Ni’bur report “[The Catastrophe] was {more} like a huge lightning bolt – an electromagnetic event with as much as 10e26 GJ (gigajoules) of energy!  This resulted in huge disruptions, by effectively frying all varieties of electronics – which, of course, permeate everything.”

The report hypothesized that the huge energy release was caused by dark-matter lensing of energy released by an undetermined quantum event.  The focused energy somehow propagated through the TRI Corporation jumpgate network – eventually burning it out, but taking approximately forty-two hours to do so.

With all instruments disrupted and recorded data destroyed or badly corrupted, all of the scientists and engineers working on this mystery have struggled to explain the event or its effects.  It does appear that the energy fluctuated significantly throughout the event and then cut off abruptly.  The initial waves were not the strongest, allowing the lifepod systems to continue to operate, and return many pilots to safety before the collapse of the jumpgate network.

To date the Ni’bur Report has remained a draft and has never been officially released.


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