Athena ShaiDen

Name:  Professor Athena ShaiDen, PhD
Sutonia University
Xenobiology Chair
Home:  Cornea Station
Birthplace: Sutonia, Amanra
Date of Birth:  083.10.10

Athena ShaiDen was a student of Dr. Holly Q’Son’s in her first semester teaching at Sutonia University.  ShaiDen was a brilliant dual-major student studying both Xenobiology and Quantum Physics.  The brilliant student soon became a protégé of the Amananthii Professor, graduating with high honors on 106.5.21 and completing her xenobiology doctoral thesis just two years later. She is now the head of Xenobiology at Sutonia University, Amanra.

ShaiDen prefers to use the title “professor” in deference to her mentor, saying: “I’m not ready to have myself referred to the same as Dr. Holly.  Maybe someday.  But not yet.”

In addition to her extensive knowledge about The Conflux and quantum physics, Prof. ShaiDen is an avid student and collector of anything Amananthii. 

ShaiDen elected to become a jump pilot to be able to more closely study The Conflux, so all of her teaching at Sutonia University is now done virtually, but her classes are still among the most popular at the school.

On 116.2.21, ShaiDen decided to take a sabbatical from Sutonia University to pursue her interests in studying Amananth.


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