Octavius Political Overview


Governmental Structure: Hereditary Monarchy
Capital Planets: Ares Prime, Martius, Cinatus

The Octavius Empire was ruled by a triumvirate of three emperors, each one believing that his hereditary claim to the throne of the entire Empire is the most direct by both blood and tradition. . This has lead to not one but three different seats of government – one on each planet.

During the years that Octavius was part of the The Reconstruction Initiative Treaty (26.4 AT – 105.10 AT), each member Faction was required to have a “single point of contact” from its Factional government to TRI. After much in-fighting and another brief civil war, Ares Prime was named the “primary” planet of the system, and only its leader could officially use the title Emperor. The leaders of Martius and Cinatus were forced to use the title of Co-Emperor. Once TRI dissolved and reformed as a corporate entity, the illusion of “co-emperors” was swept away.

In 119AT, Emperor Atticus Septus of Martius died, but his designated heir (his nephew Aqilus) declined his birthright and has proposed that a Consular Republic be formed on Martius.

Imperial Triune

Emperor, Ares Prime: Venticus Marius  (m)
Emperor, Martius: —
Emperor, Cinatus: Cineon (m)


Consul for Ares Prime: Tesios Muca (m)
Consul for Martius: Atticus Aqilus (m)
Consul for Cinatus: Nestro Zagabi (m)

Station Governors

Octavius Core: Hasdrubar Carto (m)
Great Pillars: Junia Montona (f)
Outpost: Zenobia Zvera (f)


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