Dr. Silar Tashawar

Name:  Silar Tashawar
Quantar Third Tahir
Home:  Quantar Core Station
Birthplace: Perasca, Jenos
Date of Birth: 070.26.07

Dr. Silar Tashawar is a former member of the supervisory board of Venurian Prospecting Ltd. and new Third Tahir for the Qua’ it tahir.

Tashawar was born in Jenos, capital city of Perasca into a very conservative family and received a religious upbringing — especially by his mother who was a priestess at the Temple Sa’khra in Jenos.

As a young man, he dreamed of a military career but his parents tried to steer him in a different direction. Tashawar graduated from the Department of Geology of The Jenos School of Mines and then pursued postgraduate studies in economic geology at the same university. Following research work in the geology, petrology, mineralogy and geochemistry, he received his Ph.D. at a remarkable young age. At that time he joined Venurian Prospecting Ltd. and concentrated on the business side of things. While working at the geology-department he studied at the Venurian Business University and graduated with honours.

Because of his extensive knowledge and ingenuity, he quickly gained recognition within the corporation and climbed the career ladder, becoming a member of the supervisory board of Venurian Prospecting Ltd. in 104.  Tashawar had also developed a strong interest in politics and gained a reputation for being a reliable mediator, eloquent spokesman and a tough negotiator. After the assassination of Queliar Neamru, the Qua’ it tahir elected Tashawar as the new Third Tahir on 111.3.18.

After seeing Solrain Speaker Demeter Garreth very publicly undergo the genetic modification to become a jump-pilot, Tashawar decided to do the same, for both personal and political reasons.


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