Veron Ni’bur

Name: Dr. Veron Ni’bur
Barnard University
Dept. of Astrophysics
Home: Barnard, Hypsos
Birthplace: Rongen, Hypsos
Date of Birth: 053.7.23

Veron Ni’bur is a full professor at Barnard University on the Hyperial planet Hypsos.  While most of his career there has been unconventional, he burst upon the inter-factional astrophysics scene as a member of the Event Analysis Group formed after the three-day Symposium on The Catastrophe in 114.12.

While the group was never able to come to consensus on the nature and source of the event, Ni’bur decide to independently write his own report — a report that blamed “Dark Mater Lensing” for the widespread disruption.  While UUNN released a summary of the draft report, Ni’bur was never able to find an academic publisher.


Nibur also wrote a somewhat controversial report following The Battle for Dark Crossroads, suggesting that there was more to it than a simple victory over an aggressive Conflux incursion.


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