Ship Type: Heavy Miner
Production Center(s): Quantar Corridor

Quantar’s top-of-the-line mining vessel, the Khamsin boasts capacity for the heaviest mining laser in known space. Expected to venture into deep space in search of exotic ores, it’s also rigged for practical defense with armor and light weapons slots.

 Tech Level 30 Engines  2
 Size (ucs) 57.4 Max Engine Size  4
 Mass 41,400 Gun Hardpoints  3
 Drag Factor 34.9 Missile Hardpoints  2
 Max Pitch 26 ModX Slots  6
 Max Roll 32 Max Power Plant Size  4
 Max Yaw 28 Max Radar Size  4
 Max Cargo 280 Max ECM Size  3
Max Shield Size  4
Max Capacitor Size  2

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