Demeter Garreth

Name: Demeter Garreth
Premier, STCC
Home: Solrain Core Station
Birthplace: Hermenion, Soria
Date of Birth: 057.6.1

Demeter Garreth was 28 when first elected Speaker in 085. She still holds the record for being the youngest person to be elected Speaker since the STCC began governing the republic after “The Reorganization” that took place in 070. She has since won re-election every 3 years for 10 terms (and counting) — an STCC record for longevity.  

Garreth is well-known for being the first STCC Speaker to undergo the genetic modifications to become a jump-pilot, and famously made her first jump, leading a tour through Solrain space during The Reconstruction Days Holiday in 114.

She was selected to fill the post of Premier, replacing the retiring Cristofore Parce, effective 118.5.1.



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