Amananth Overview

Amananth is a mystery.

The Amananth System is located between Octavius and Quantar, and currently consists of 11 sectors. There is a single space station orbiting the planet, though there appears to be wreckage of some kind of Amanthi construct in Canis 9502 — the most recently-opened Amanthi sector (discovered in 102).  The decks, bays and hallways of the few accessible areas of the station are devoid of life other than the people who visit — home only to an unseen AI network and armies of servo-droids.  The mystery is heightened by the fact that nearly 80 percent of the station’s volume is inaccessible from the flight deck. And it’s not that doors are locked. There are just no doors.  Manufacturing and trade are entirely automated.

The station and planet were discovered by Enkido Kahn (later one of the Thrice Seven) in 38.5 AT.  No one really knows who or what the Amanthi were. There are no known records of contact with or knowledge of Amananth before The Great Collapse.

Amananth Station

Amananth station boasts many pieces of unique technology, including the most technically efficient power plant designs to date.  Although there has been some communication in the past between TRI and the station’s AI (callsign “DPDQ”) — when TRI’s mission system was installed there.  DPDQ made it clear that while trade and mission systems were welcome, permanent residents would be on a very limited-approval basis.  It was also made clear that the technology made available to pilots was not to be analyzed or reverse-engineered in any way.  In recent years communication has been minimal-to-nonexistent.

An analysis of the station by Hyperial in 116 seemed to indicate the the ‘central ring’ area around the docking and launch bays is clearly different from the rest of the station.  The Hyperial analysis suggested that it was built using different alloys and, perhaps, at a later time.


There is no reliable data available for the planet designated AM I. TRI surface scans have not yielded any results and probes sent to the surface have stopped transmitting upon entering the planets extremely strong and volatile magnetosphere.  There have been no known manned attempts at landing on the planet.







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