Aulus Calatorius

Dr. Aulus Calatorius
Date of Birth:  035.2.19
Date of Death: 116.6.17
Home: Octavius, Cinatus

Dr. Calatorius was one of the preeminent experts on The Conflux in our time.  He began Calatoriushis career with TRI-R CSD, initially working under Dr. Holly Q’son and then taking over as its head when she resigned in 103.10.  Calatorius was instrumental in the development and construction of TRIs C.L.A.W.S. array — the system designed to give pilots early warning for major Conflux attacks.

Calatorius left TRI-R CSD in 104.10, citing personal reason, but shortly after resumed his work as Conflux Expert for the Octavius Ministry of War.

He officially retired in 114.7, just before the Conflux Symposium.

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