Zantor Station

Zantor Station was a major trading and refining outpost being built by Quantar in Great Venure Belt sector.  Construction was started in 84.11AT.  While Quantar claimed the station was built for trade and mining, Hyperial claimed that it was being built as advance base to launch attacks.  zantor stationUltimately, it became the climax of the Second GVB Wars when on 86.10.17AT, Hyperial launched a sneak attack on the nearly-completed station destroying its small defense force and holding all of the station workers and engineers hostage.

On 86.10.28, Quantar launched a counter-attack to re-take the station and free the hostages, but as the battle tipped their way and it became clear that Quantar would regain the station, Hyperial Admiral Payge Roddick ordered the station be destroyed along will all hostages aboard, triggering a Quantar response that Hyperial would never recover from.  In Quantar, this day is remembered as Rajan Sufiinah (The Day of Blood).

Small bits of Zantor Station wreckage remain in GVB — which has become a Quantar monument to the horrors of war, and to all who lost their lives that day.

The following partially-corrupted communique was discovered on a DSS recovered in Outer Roh Cloud and decrypted in 116.9.  Sections within brackets are our “fill-ins.” This is the only known piece of its kind:


We hav[e com]pleted the outer skin of th[e] station and are read [f]or delivery of the __________________________ There have be[en] no sighting of the Hyperial attac[k s]hips and we fear they hav[e] _____ ay to mask their presence. I expect the prima _______ light deck, quarters and trading floor _________ [r]eady within ________ and once that ___ complete we ca[n com]mence with the project. Zantor Stati[on] _______  a great asset for The Chosen. Our miners will be able to foc __________ heir harvest and it will shor[ten the tr]ade route to Sol[rain]— _______________ most of all it will _________ of Hyperial ___________ …

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