SpaceBar Pub

The SpaceBar Pub, an unregulated-space watering hole (originally on GBS Station but now moved to Klatsches Hold) dating back to the early days of TRI, has become somewhat of an institution. The scrawls, scribbles and writings on its walls, tables and booths prove that pilots from all factions and walks of life have either stopped by on their travels, or made it their home. spacebar1

Miners, Haulers, Mercenaries and Pirates … the apoplectic, drunkards and recovering drunkards, the bright and the dim . . . the tired, the poor, and the huddled masses, are just some of whom make the SpaceBar what it is and has always been – a sanctuary.  The pub closed on GBS in late 118 and re-opened at Klatsches Hold on 119.1.1.

During its heyday, The SpaceBar was just one of many busy watering holes sprinkled throughout space, with The Cabana Room, the Evenings End Pub and Fat Sally’s Bar being its most famous competitors.  Business at The Space Bar was at its peak between 102AT and 104AT when the Independent Space Union (ISU) was making GBS its home.

Along with its regular menu of Oct Lite, Quanus Ice, Solrain Stout and basic “bar-bites” the SpaceBar has long been a place where discrete deals are made and information is traded.

Edmin “Torn” Danton has been the owner and primary bartender at the SpaceBar since 100AT. Prior to that, he worked at a number of bars on The Wake station.  He also did stints as a mercenary, a Solrain soldier and a prize fighter.

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