Petillius Lucanus

Petilius Lucanus, Legate
Date of Birth:  075.7.2
Home: Lorium, Ares Prime

Legate Petillis Lucanus was named Supreme Military Strategist to His Imperial Majesty Emperor Clements IV on 107.1.21, overseeing all aspects of Octavius war policy.  In addition to acting as a direct liaison between the Empire and its pilots, Lucanus has direct oversight of the Ministry of War.  He was mainted in the position in 114 when the Ministry of War rotated to Martius, though his title was shortened to Supreme Military Strategist.

Growing up in the small town of Lorium, in the Treviso Province, Lucanus attended the Collegium Bellum in Eiro where he excelled both in athletics and academics.  Lucanus is known for a very direct and often confrontational style of management, but at the same time achieves his goals, often by any means necessary.



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