Economy Tools

There are a number of “tools” pilots use for economic purposes.  Some tools focus specifically on “profit” while others focus on broader economic issues.  The tool available directly from the cockpit is the /profit command:

profit calc jg

This is the most limited of the tools and focuses exclusively on the profit aspect of economy work.

Tools which can provide deeper information for the serious econ worker include:

  • Blommaskog. net  – an excellent site with a number of tools, which includes source code for those who may want to “customize” their own tool.
  •  – an updated version of the classic Market Lister tool developed by PlanetJumpgate.  NOTE: membership (free) on the site and forum activity are required to have access to this tool and the site’s many other resources.
  • Soldarian Storm/Realtime Info – A site with a slightly customized version of Blommaskog plus other resources.
  • The Ready Room – a Discord channel where pilots can gather to discuss and/or coordinate econ work — as well as any other activity.


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