Petillius Lucanus

Petilius Lucanus, Legate
Date of Birth:  075.7.2
Home: Lorium, Ares Prime

Legate Petillius Lucanus was named Supreme Military Strategist to His Imperial Majesty Emperor Clements IV on 107.1.21, overseeing all aspects of Octavius war policy.  In addition to acting as a direct liaison between the Empire and its pilots, Lucanus has direct oversight of the Ministry of War.  He was continued in the position in 114 when the Ministry of War rotated to Martius, though his title was shortened to Supreme Military Strategist, and he was replaced in 118 by Atticus Aqilus , the Emperor’s nephew.

Growing up in the small town of Lorium, in the Treviso Province, Lucanus attended the Collegium Bellum in Eiro where he excelled both in athletics and academics.  Lucanus is known for a very direct and often confrontational style of management, but at the same time achieves his goals, often by any means necessary.



The Hamalzah’din Path

pathsThe Hamalzah’din Path is an ultraconservative sect within Quantar that was first noticed in 117, but which has been growing exponentially since then.  It is led by Qashish (High Priest) Rabb Nost’avor, the Seneschal of Makhna Omala’ak (one of the oldest and holiest places in Quantar).

Nost’avor and the Hamalzah’din believe that Quantar is too secular and far too connected-to and dependent-upon the other factions.  They believe that Quantar government should be decentralized, that primary power should reside within the Akhot’ah and that all focus should be on harvesting, defending and improving Quantar space.


Porcius Versalus

(068.4.10 – ?)

A member of the very wealthy and prestigious Versalus family from Ares Prime, Porcius inherited the title “Prefect” from his family who governed the Tyhrren Province for hundreds of years — but he never governed there, opting instead to become a jump-pilot.  He joined the military and had a number of positions assigned to him based on his family influence.

In 103, his name became associated with the murder of Dayalu — one of the few identified members of the Children of Amananth — but he was never prosecuted and his complicity was never proven.

Versalus resigned his position in the Ministry of War in 105.  His current status is unknown.

SpaceBar Pub

The SpaceBar Pub, an unregulated-space watering hole (originally on GBS Station but now moved to Klatsches Hold) dating back to the early days of TRI, has become somewhat of an institution. The scrawls, scribbles and writings on its walls, tables and booths prove that pilots from all factions and walks of life have either stopped by on their travels, or made it their home. spacebar1

Miners, Haulers, Mercenaries and Pirates … the apoplectic, drunkards and recovering drunkards, the bright and the dim . . . the tired, the poor, and the huddled masses, are just some of whom make the SpaceBar what it is and has always been – a sanctuary.  The pub closed on GBS in late 118 and re-opened at Klatsches Hold on 119.1.1.

During its heyday, The SpaceBar was just one of many busy watering holes sprinkled throughout space, with The Cabana Room, the Evenings End Pub and Fat Sally’s Bar being its most famous competitors.  Business at The Space Bar was at its peak between 102AT and 104AT when the Independent Space Union (ISU) was making GBS its home.

Along with its regular menu of Oct Lite, Quanus Ice, Solrain Stout and basic “bar-bites” the SpaceBar has long been a place where discrete deals are made and information is traded.

Edmin “Torn” Danton has been the owner and primary bartender at the SpaceBar since 100AT. Prior to that, he worked at a number of bars on The Wake station.  He also did stints as a mercenary, a Solrain soldier and a prize fighter.

Zantor Station

Zantor Station was a major trading and refining outpost being built by Quantar in Great Venure Belt sector.  Construction was started in 84.11AT.  While Quantar claimed the station was built for trade and mining, Hyperial claimed that it was being built as advance base to launch attacks.  zantor stationUltimately, it became the climax of the Second GVB Wars when on 86.10.17AT, Hyperial launched a sneak attack on the nearly-completed station destroying its small defense force and holding all of the station workers and engineers hostage.

On 86.10.28, Quantar launched a counter-attack to re-take the station and free the hostages, but as the battle tipped their way and it became clear that Quantar would regain the station, Hyperial Admiral Payge Roddick ordered the station be destroyed along will all hostages aboard, triggering a Quantar response that Hyperial would never recover from.

Small bits of Zantor Station wreckage remain in GVB — which has become a Quantar monument to the horrors of war, and to all who lost their lives that day.

The following partially-corrupted communique was discovered on a DSS recovered in Outer Roh Cloud.  Sections within brackets are our “fill-ins.” This is the only known piece of its kind:


We hav[e com]pleted the outer skin of th[e] station and are read [f]or delivery of the __________________________ There have be[en] no sighting of the Hyperial attac[k s]hips and we fear they hav[e] _____ ay to mask their presence. I expect the prima _______ light deck, quarters and trading floor _________ [r]eady within ________ and once that ___ complete we ca[n com]mence with the project. Zantor Stati[on] _______  a great asset for The Chosen. Our miners will be able to foc __________ heir harvest and it will shor[ten the tr]ade route to Sol[rain]— _______________ most of all it will _________ of Hyperial ___________ …