The Hamalzah’din Path

pathsThe Hamalzah’din Path is an ultraconservative sect within Quantar that was first noticed in 117, but which has been growing exponentially since then.  It is led by Qashish (High Priest) Rabb Nost’avor, the Seneschal of Makhna Omala’ak (one of the oldest and holiest places in Quantar).

Nost’avor and the Hamalzah’din believe that Quantar is too secular and far too connected-to and dependent-upon the other factions.  They believe that Quantar government should be decentralized, that primary power should reside within the Akhot’ah and that all focus should be on harvesting, defending and improving Quantar space.



Baby Bitz

“Baby Bitz” is a very popular snack food manufactured by OctBurger Industries at a number of locations.

A “home recipe” for Baby Bitz caused quite a bit of furor after it was recovered and decoded from a DSS as part of a Solrain holiday contest.

The alleged recipe read:

Say goodbye to those frozen bags of Baby Bites that were shipped in from Martius, our merchanter. This homemade version is so easy, freezer-friendlyand way better than station’s-bought.


Place two pounds of kolyryna (or another similar starchy root vegetable available on your planet) in a large saucepan and cover with cold water to 1 inch. Bring to a boil and cook until parboiled about 6-7 minutes drain well and let cool.

Using a box grater or well-honed combat knife, finely shred kolyryna. Using a clean dish towel or cheese cloth, drain kolyryna completely, remove as much water as possible.

Transfer kolryna to a large bowl. Mix in flour, artificial bitz seasonings, garlic powder or onion powder, oregano and dill; season with salt and pepper, to taste. The mixture should be workable but dry. Form kolryna into “bitz.”

Heat vegetable oil in a large pan on your Oct-oven over medium heat.

Add “bitz” to the boiling oil one at a time, and cook until evenly golden and crispy, t 3-4 minutes. Transfer to a paper towel-lined plate

Dish immediately, garnished with parsley if desired.


Little is known about SkyNex other than the fact that it was some kind of orbital defensive system employed by The Sol Federation … a pre-collapse precursor to Solrain.


(1) Ancient sun god.

(2) The title given to the secrµ  É  Î  Ö    ##  Y  %  G  I  e  f  –  t  @#    w#  ™  ³  c$  ³#  t‚    (  ý|  ü~  þ~  º  R~  Xd  po  G~  1  )  í‚  P  Y  l  Õ  fƒ  Öƒ  Â5  ë5  G„  ™„  …  O  <    Ma    wT  4  G  S  L  U  )  J  s  l  k…  Ø…  N†  ¾†  A  Ì    ò  ÷  $o    u  Æ  !  †    Œs          l½      Èx  Áy  :~  ý  l½  g~  ƒ   !  †  8″  1   Ć  ÆŽ  z„  þŽ yperweb.orG9  ”  #  `%  ½†  6  †”  fˆ  ‡  n   mˆ  n  f+  ˜ˆ  b”  °   ‰  ¢!  K#  Ž$  )#  µ#  Ø†  ?%  Ø   Ĉ  ‰  \” field superv +!  $‰      †  A!  Z!  Ú:  z!  —!  Æ  Ø$  Õ!  î!  ”  N”  t”  w”  ×”  ~”   $ volu”  ×$      ù†  é”  ñ”  +<  û”  û”  ?  Ä$  ‘#  ;#  R#  j#  s#  v#  €#  h#  G%  ‚#  ­#  ë#  &  ¸  ä#  æ#  í#  ú$   $


102.09.05, Location: Octavius Outpost

V: What is this?

V: Io what have you done!

B: Yes…What is this Versalus?

B: What have you done Versalus?

V: Excuse me, I must go take a communication

V: I have just been informed that Dayalu is dead

B: Dead.


V: He has been murdered by traitors and Quantar zealots

V: Who felt he was better dead than cooperating with us


V: No, Io, You murdered him

V: You TIMED this for his death! YOU KNEW IT WAS COMING!

B: You putrid festering RAT!

B: He was under YOUR care.

V: Which is why you chose to kill him, apparently.

B: How in your twisted mind do you possibly think I could have done that when you said he was planet side?

B: Did I somehow launch a Glaive and hit his jail cell?

B: Your twisting of words will not save you now murderer

B: You and your blind followers will share the same fate

B: You think you can hide this from Quantar? TRI? The Galaxy?

B: Release his body so he may at least have honor in death

B: So he may return to Amananth and be put to rest

B: We shall save your fate for another day Versalus

B: But the least Octavia can do is to return his remains home.

V: I agree, a very unfortunate accident

B: Accident indeed, perhaps the truth will be known soon

V: It is not up to me what happens to his body

B: You cannot simply believe that you still retain ownership of his body!

B: Would you agree to Quantar and Solrain doctors examining the body before it is returned to its home?

B: Or is there something you wish to hide form us all?

V: Io, perhaps we could have neutral doctors examine it…

V: Hyperial, perhaps?


V: Yes, yes, Hyperial doctors

B: You knowingly insult me with that suggestion

B: They will not place a hand upon him unless they are joined by Quantar and Solrain doctors as well

V: Imperial authority will determine what happens next

V: Our priority is finding and dealing with the Quantar sympathizers behind this crime

V: Pray they dont implicate you, Io.

B: <Glares>

V: Discord, this Io wants us to kill him. don’t give him the honor of a warrior’s death

B: You are now ordering my death versalus?

B: You are the lowest of the low.

V: No I said you didn’t deserve to be killed, Io.

B: I say this now as my faith burns within my veins




V: Discord, have your way with him! Seize him!

B: Your a fool Versalus

V: Discord, take Io to a comfortable cell

V: See to it that he is guarded

B: Let them be my brothers, they cannot harm me.

B: I am the lion.

Planimetric Grain-Size Analysis

The Planimetric Grain Size method of Metallography utilizes a test circle with a diameter of 79.8 mm which is superimposed over a microstructure. The magnification level is chosen to give at least 50 grains to be counted, where ~50 grains should be inside and intersecting the test circle. The rater must count all the grains that are completely inside the test circle, ninside, and all the grains that are intercepted by the circle, nintercepted. It is assumed that, on average, half of the intercepted grains are inside the test circle and half are outside. To get an accurate count, the operator must mark off the grains as they are counted using a felt tip pen, etc. This, however, makes the method slow and less popular. But, this is not a problem if image analysis is used. The calculation is:

NA = f(ninside + 0.5nintercepted)                          (2)

where NA is the number of grains per mm2 at 1X and f is known as “The Jeffries Multiplier:”

f = M2/A                                                     (3)

and M is the magnification and a is the area (5000 mm2 is the standard size). If the test area is different than 5000 mm2(from a circle 79.8 mm diameter), then the alternate area used is divided into the magnification squared.

The average grain area, A, is the reciprocal of NA. The grain size number is calculated by:

G = 3.321928 LogNA  –  2.954            (4)

G is rounded off to the nearest tenth value. In practice, more than one field must be evaluated to obtain a good estimate of G.