Petillius Lucanus

Petilius Lucanus, Legate
Date of Birth:  075.7.2
Home: Lorium, Ares Prime

Legate Petillius Lucanus was named Supreme Military Strategist to His Imperial Majesty Emperor Clements IV on 107.1.21, overseeing all aspects of Octavius war policy.  In addition to acting as a direct liaison between the Empire and its pilots, Lucanus has direct oversight of the Ministry of War.  He was continued in the position in 114 when the Ministry of War rotated to Martius, though his title was shortened to Supreme Military Strategist, and he was replaced in 118 by Atticus Aqilus , the Emperor’s nephew.

Growing up in the small town of Lorium, in the Treviso Province, Lucanus attended the Collegium Bellum in Eiro where he excelled both in athletics and academics.  Lucanus is known for a very direct and often confrontational style of management, but at the same time achieves his goals, often by any means necessary.


Porcius Versalus

(068.4.10 – ?)

A member of the very wealthy and prestigious Versalus family from Ares Prime, Porcius inherited the title “Prefect” from his family who governed the Tyhrren Province for hundreds of years — but he never governed there, opting instead to become a jump-pilot.  He joined the military and had a number of positions assigned to him based on his family influence.

In 103, his name became associated with the murder of Dayalu — one of the few identified members of the Children of Amananth — but he was never prosecuted and his complicity was never proven.

Versalus resigned his position in the Ministry of War in 105.  His current status is unknown.

Imogen Hugin

Name: Imogen Hugin (f)
Speaker for Hellion, STCC
Home: Hellion City
Birthplace: Pyraeus, Hellion
Date of Birth: 050.8.20

Speaker Hugin was first elected the the Speaker’s Chair for Hellion in 098, and although the oceanic planet Hellion has the smallest population of any of the Solrain planets, it’s position as a nexus for inter-factional trade has made it an economic power.

Hugin was never one to seek the spotlight, but she did not shy from it in 104 when she defended squad SoLiciDaL during the famine on Cinatus, adroitly refusing to condemn their disruption of aid efforts.


Aulus Calatorius

Dr. Aulus Calatorius
Date of Birth:  035.2.19
Date of Death: 116.6.17
Home: Octavius, Cinatus

Dr. Calatorius was one of the preeminent experts on The Conflux in our time.  He began Calatoriushis career with TRI-R CSD, initially working under Dr. Holly Q’son and then taking over as its head when she resigned in 103.10.  Calatorius was instrumental in the development and construction of TRIs C.L.A.W.S. array — the system designed to give pilots early warning for major Conflux attacks.

Calatorius left TRI-R CSD in 104.10, citing personal reason, but shortly after resumed his work as Conflux Expert for the Octavius Ministry of War.

He officially retired in 114.7, just before the Conflux Symposium.

Demeter Garreth

Name: Demeter Garreth
Premier, STCC
Home: Solrain Core Station
Birthplace: Hermenion, Soria
Date of Birth: 057.6.1

Demeter Garreth was 28 when first elected Speaker in 085. She still holds the record for being the youngest person to be elected Speaker since the STCC began governing the republic after “The Reorganization” that took place in 070. She has since won re-election every 3 years for 10 terms (and counting) — an STCC record for longevity.  

Garreth is well-known for being the first STCC Speaker to undergo the genetic modifications to become a jump-pilot, and famously made her first jump, leading a tour through Solrain space during The Reconstruction Days Holiday in 114.

She was selected to fill the post of Premier, replacing the retiring Cristofore Parce, effective 118.5.1.


Veron Ni’bur

Name: Dr. Veron Ni’bur
Barnard University
Dept. of Astrophysics
Home: Barnard, Hypsos
Birthplace: Rongen, Hypsos
Date of Birth: 053.7.23

Veron Ni’bur is a full professor at Barnard University on the Hyperial planet Hypsos.  While most of his career there has been unconventional, he burst upon the inter-factional astrophysics scene as a member of the Event Analysis Group formed after the three-day Symposium on The Catastrophe in 114.12.

While the group was never able to come to consensus on the nature and source of the event, Ni’bur decide to independently write his own report — a report that blamed “Dark Mater Lensing” for the widespread disruption.  While UUNN released a summary of the draft report, Ni’bur was never able to find an academic publisher.


Nibur also wrote a somewhat controversial report following The Battle for Dark Crossroads, suggesting that there was more to it than a simple victory over an aggressive Conflux incursion.

Dr. Silar Tashawar

Name: Silar Tashawar
Third Tahir
Home: Quantar Core
Birthplace: Jenos, Perasca
Date of Birth: 070.7.26

Dr. Silar Tashawar is a former member of the supervisory board of Venurian Prospecting Ltd. and new Third Tahir for the Qua’ it tahir.

Tashawar was born in Jenos, capital city of Perasca into a very conservative family and received a religious upbringing — especially by his mother who was a priestess at the Temple Sa’khra in Jenos.

As a young man, he dreamed of a military career but his parents tried to steer him in a different direction. Tashawar graduated from the Department of Geology of The Jenos School of Mines and then pursued postgraduate studies in Economic Petrology at the same university. He received his Ph.D. in Geochemistry at a remarkably young age and then joined Venurian Prospecting Ltd. and concentrated on the business side of things. While working at the geology-department he studied at the Venurian Business University and graduated with honors.

Because of his extensive knowledge and ingenuity, he quickly gained recognition within the corporation and climbed the career ladder, becoming a member of the supervisory board of Venurian Prospecting Ltd. in 104.  Tashawar had also developed a strong interest in politics and gained a reputation for being a reliable mediator, eloquent spokesman and a tough negotiator. After the assassination of Queliar Neamru, the Qua’ it tahir elected Tashawar as the new Third Tahir on 111.3.18.  .

After seeing Solrain Speaker Demeter Garreth very publicly undergo the genetic modification to become a jump-pilot, Tashawar decided to do the same, for both personal and political reasons.