The Hamalzah’din Path

pathsThe Hamalzah’din Path is an ultraconservative sect within Quantar that was first noticed in 117, but which has been growing exponentially since then.  It is led by Qashish (High Priest) Rabb Nost’avor, the Seneschal of Makhna Omala’ak (one of the oldest and holiest places in Quantar).

Nost’avor and the Hamalzah’din believe that Quantar is too secular and far too connected-to and dependent-upon the other factions.  They believe that Quantar government should be decentralized, that primary power should reside within the Akhot’ah and that all focus should be on harvesting, defending and improving Quantar space.



Amananth Overview

Amananth is a mystery.

The Amananth System is located between Octavius and Quantar, and currently consists of 11 sectors. There is a single space station orbiting the planet, though there appears to be wreckage of some kind of Amanthi construct in Canis 9502 — the most recently-opened Amanthi sector (discovered in 102).  The decks, bays and hallways of the few accessible areas of the station are devoid of life other than the people who visit — home only to an unseen AI network and armies of servo-droids.  The mystery is heightened by the fact that nearly 80 percent of the station’s volume is inaccessible from the flight deck. And it’s not that doors are locked. There are just no doors.  Manufacturing and trade are entirely automated.

The station and planet were discovered by Enkido Kahn (later one of the Thrice Seven) in 38.5 AT.  No one really knows who or what the Amanthi were. There are no known records of contact with or knowledge of Amananth before The Great Collapse.

Amananth Station

Amananth station boasts many pieces of unique technology, including the most technically efficient power plant designs to date.  Although there has been some communication in the past between TRI and the station’s AI (callsign “DPDQ”) — when TRI’s mission system was installed there.  DPDQ made it clear that while trade and mission systems were welcome, permanent residents would be on a very limited-approval basis.  It was also made clear that the technology made available to pilots was not to be analyzed or reverse-engineered in any way.  In recent years communication has been minimal-to-nonexistent.

An analysis of the station by Hyperial in 116 seemed to indicate the the ‘central ring’ area around the docking and launch bays is clearly different from the rest of the station.  The Hyperial analysis suggested that it was built using different alloys and, perhaps, at a later time.


There is no reliable data available for the planet designated AM I. TRI surface scans have not yielded any results and probes sent to the surface have stopped transmitting upon entering the planets extremely strong and volatile magnetosphere.  There have been no known manned attempts at landing on the planet.







Quantar System Overview

The Quantar System is located between Amananth and Hyperial, and currently consists of 31 sectors. The Quantar have built four space stations – Quantar Core Station, TriPoint Station,  Corridor Station, and Quantar Storage Depot. The primary stations are located near the dominant planets of the Quantar System – Quanus, Perasca, and Kapenja.

Quantar Core: Quanus


Population: 8,000,000,000
Capital City: Petrios
Cities of note: Admantar, Khalar Fa’el, Quezos
Corporations: Aristio, Annihilitech, Lexxor, Venurian Prospecting, Cromforge

Quanus is the dominant planet of the Quantar System, and the seat of the “Fa’hil Memta”, the Quantar government. Just as their space-bound brethren, the inhabitants of the planets are primarily miners.

Quanus is rich in precious stones and minerals that also represent their primary export articles. Like all citizens of the Quantar Systems, the Quani refuse to wear such adornments themselves.

Corridor: Perasca


Population: 4,300,000,000
Capital City: Jenos
Cities of note: Zravion, Bankalla, Sa’ing Matar, Puunjah
Corporations: Aristio, Annihilitech, Lexxor, Venurian Prospecting, Cromforge

Perasca is the smallest planet in the Quantar System. But because it distantly orbits the gas giant Roh, some astronomers insist it is a large moon. Others believe Perasca was once a rogue planet, initially attracted then slowed by Ring View’s gas giant Orus and ultimately captured by Roh’s massive gravity.

The administrative headquarters of the Venurian Prospecting Ltd. in Jenos employs millions of Quani. The Jenos School of Mines is reknowned for its geological and Mineral Engineering departments.

Tripoint: Kapenja

planet_kapenjaPopulation: 5,500,000,000
Capital City: Kapenja
Cities of Note: Quelos, Xerxos, Fakar
Corporations: Aristio, Annihilitech, Lexxor, Venurian Prospecting, Cromforge

Kapenja is rich in fossil fuels and carbonized rock, making it an important  provider of refined fuels. Therefore, refineries and purification facilities dominate the Kapenjian landscape.

TriPoint once housed the TRI headquarters for a brief time, but is now strictly a Quantar outpost.

Solrain System Overview

The Solrain System is located between Hyperial and Octavius, and currently consists of 25 sectors. The Solrains have built four space stations – Solrain Core Station, The Wake Station, Cornea Station, and Solrain Storage Depot. The primary stations are located near the dominant planets of the Solrain System – Soria, Hellion, and Amanra.

Solrain Core: Soria


Population: 7,000,000,000

Capital City: Halicon
Cities of note: Kalibas, Hermenion, Eltherios
Corporations: T&P, Infinite Heavy Industries, Dorator, Aristio, Annihilitech, Lexxor

Soria is the premier planet of the Commonwealth of Solrain, and the seat of the STCC (Solrain Traders and Citizens Council). Soria is a resource-rich planet, bustling with activity. Space harbors are found everywhere, as commerce, trading and export are a mainstay.

The Wake: Hellion


Population: 2,900,000,000
Capital City: Hellion City
Cities of note: Hidros, Argolis, Magna
Corporations: T&P, Infinite Heavy Industries, Dorator, Aristio, Annihilitech, Lexxor

The biggest planet of the Commonwealth consists primarily of oceans. The majority of Hellion’s population resides on the many islands and archipelagos, although sub-oceanic harvesting domes have also been constructed.

Hellion is a product of The Great Collapse, which altered its orbit so that it’s frozen oceans melted.  The newly-thawed planet was discovered in 1,959 BT; terraforming began in 4,908 BT; and the first explorers landed there on 1707.10.15 BT in the ship New Dawn.

Cornea: Amanra


Population: 5,600,000,000
Capital City: Alexios
Cities of Note: Arestol, Sutonia
Corporations: T&P, Infinite Heavy Industries, Dorator, Aristio, Annihilitech, Lexxor

Amanra prides itself on its excellent educational facilities. Amanra’s capitol is best known for the Sorian School of Trading, the biggest institution of higher learning in all known systems with well over 100,000 students.

Octavius System Overview

The Octavius System is located between Solrain and Amananth, and presently consists of 25 sectors. The Octavians have built four space stations – Octavius Core Station, Great Pillars Station, Outpost Station, and Octavius Depot. The primary stations are located near the dominant planets of the Octavius System – Ares Prime, Martius, and Cinatus, respectively.

Octavius Core: Ares Prime

planet_ares prime

Population: 4,000,000,000
Capital City: Trivera
Cities of note: Nova Carthago, Eiro
Corporations: Infinite Heavy Industries, Dorator, Aristio,  Octave Propulsion Labs

Ares Prime won the right to be named the “primary planet” of the Octavius system when the Empire joined TRI. In today’s post-TRI era, even though Octavius Core remains the largest station by far, it has been surpassed in trade and traffic by Outpost.

The Great Pillars: Martius

planet_martiusPopulation: 90,000,000
Capital City: Etruscera
Cities of note: Alva Longa, Perdios, Danubia
Corporations: Infinite Heavy Industries, Dorator, Aristio,  Octave Propulsion Labs

Martius has long been known for its martial academies where the best warriors are prepared for a life of combat and vigilance. Although it’s inhabitants are convinced of their own superiority, the more remote location of Great Pillars station has caused the importance of Martius to flag somewhat in modern times.

Martius retains its visible scar from The Great Collapse when  a huge asteroid crashed to its surface, leaving a crater more than 2,500 kilometers in diameter and wiping out a population of approximately two billion people.

Outpost: Cinatus

planet_cinatusPopulation: 2,100,000,000
Capital City: Cina
Cities of Note: Lepsia, Bizyanth, Justos, Phyrra
Corporations: Infinite Heavy Industries, Dorator, Aristio,  Octave Propulsion Labs

The Cinati take exception if Cinatus is referred to as the “third planet of the empire” – an attitude that might be justified. Owing to its “gateway” location, Outpost has become the leader in trade, and is the station of choice for most Octavian factionalist squads to call home.  

Tesios Muca

Name:  Tesios Muca
Consul, Ares Prime
Ship:  Phoenix, modified
Place of Birth/Home:  Ares Prime
Date of Birth:  050.6.2 

Tesios Muca may be most famous for having elected the Duel of Accession after the assassination of Clements I, where he dueled, and lost to Venticus Marius, son and blood-heir to Clements.  Muca had great affection and respect for Venticus — but Muca was a tough-love guy who was sickened by what happened in the assassination. He had great fear for the current state of Octavius and Venticus was concerned with Venticus’ youth and inexperience. Muca reasoned that if Venticus won, it would be a great boost both to his image and to his confidence. If Venticus lost, Muca believed he could manage Octavius through the rough time and then abdicate and name Venticus as his heir at a later time.

Muca lost that duel but Venticus elected to keep him on as Consul.

The following was Muca’s speech at the death of Clements IV, which has quickly become part of Octavius Lore:

Today is a bitter day for Octavius. Clements IV of Ares Prime, true Emperor of all Octavius, has been laid to rest at the Hall of Heroes in our capital city, Trivera.

Though he survived the initial escape pod sequence after being shot down, his injuries were too severe. He has joined his fathers, HEROES ALL.

It is… //*cough*// excuse me… it is

..ironic that our great leader fell while leading us in the Feast of the Fallen, an event that he was so looking forward to hosting… Apologies–a moment while I calm myself…

*Ahem* We have determined that this was the result of a coordinated assassination plan. Traitors managed to damage the escape pod on the Emperor’s Phoenix.

Then he was shot down at a ceremony of celebration by the SOL NAVY pilots Mendax and polytope…during a time of joy…  

This is ridiculous.

To give calm speeches when

The children WEEP in Nova Cathargo!

The women of Eiro CRY OUT in anguish!

The men of Trivera demand JUSTICE!

But what justice does the STCC promise?

NONE.                                               NONE.                                   NOTHING!

A slap on the wallet of the barbarous perpetrators of this ATROCITY! It’s said that the Quantar love their rocks and the Solrain love their money  


Let us PROVE THIS PROVERB. Now is the time for Octavius to show our enemies the STRENGTH of our devotion. We will BLEED the Solrain.


Solrain Societal Overview

logo_solrainSolrain’s jump pilot wing is efficient in combat, trade, mining, exploration, and all aspects of reconstruction efforts. This results from their business philosophies in monopolizing several financial markets.

The Solrain home worlds, rich in raw materials and fertile soil, have allowed this nation to advance economically and agriculturally. Thanks to the typical citizen’s predator-like business practices, the STCC has the deepest pockets of any factional government by far.

The civilians of this system are adept at manufacturing, and as such have access to many different types of technology. This enables their ship designs to often support large powerplants, shields and MODx counts, as well as boasting the most advanced missile guidance system available. Solrain values the deep space trade routes above all else, thus the existence of its “persuasive” defense wings.

Solrain pilots gain status in a plethora of ways: trading, mining, exploration, and combat. They are well known for pressing every tax advantage through TRI’s beacon and factional PR systems. Actions of brutal efficiency, which maximize profits for either individual or nation, are the norm for the typical Solrain.