The Hamalzah’din Path

pathsThe Hamalzah’din Path is an ultraconservative sect within Quantar that was first noticed in 117, but which has been growing exponentially since then.  It is led by Qashish (High Priest) Rabb Nost’avor, the Seneschal of Makhna Omala’ak (one of the oldest and holiest places in Quantar).

Nost’avor and the Hamalzah’din believe that Quantar is too secular and far too connected-to and dependent-upon the other factions.  They believe that Quantar government should be decentralized, that primary power should reside within the Akhot’ah and that all focus should be on harvesting, defending and improving Quantar space.



Imogen Hugin

Name: Imogen Hugin (f)
Speaker for Hellion, STCC
Home: Hellion City
Birthplace: Pyraeus, Hellion
Date of Birth: 050.8.20

Speaker Hugin was first elected the the Speaker’s Chair for Hellion in 098, and although the oceanic planet Hellion has the smallest population of any of the Solrain planets, it’s position as a nexus for inter-factional trade has made it an economic power.

Hugin was never one to seek the spotlight, but she did not shy from it in 104 when she defended squad SoLiciDaL during the famine on Cinatus, adroitly refusing to condemn their disruption of aid efforts.


Demeter Garreth

Name: Demeter Garreth
Premier, STCC
Home: Solrain Core Station
Birthplace: Hermenion, Soria
Date of Birth: 057.6.1

Demeter Garreth was 28 when first elected Speaker in 085. She still holds the record for being the youngest person to be elected Speaker since the STCC began governing the republic after “The Reorganization” that took place in 070. She has since won re-election every 3 years for 10 terms (and counting) — an STCC record for longevity.  

Garreth is well-known for being the first STCC Speaker to undergo the genetic modifications to become a jump-pilot, and famously made her first jump, leading a tour through Solrain space during The Reconstruction Days Holiday in 114.

She was selected to fill the post of Premier, replacing the retiring Cristofore Parce, effective 118.5.1.


Dr. Silar Tashawar

Name: Silar Tashawar
Third Tahir
Home: Quantar Core
Birthplace: Jenos, Perasca
Date of Birth: 070.7.26

Dr. Silar Tashawar is a former member of the supervisory board of Venurian Prospecting Ltd. and new Third Tahir for the Qua’ it tahir.

Tashawar was born in Jenos, capital city of Perasca into a very conservative family and received a religious upbringing — especially by his mother who was a priestess at the Temple Sa’khra in Jenos.

As a young man, he dreamed of a military career but his parents tried to steer him in a different direction. Tashawar graduated from the Department of Geology of The Jenos School of Mines and then pursued postgraduate studies in Economic Petrology at the same university. He received his Ph.D. in Geochemistry at a remarkably young age and then joined Venurian Prospecting Ltd. and concentrated on the business side of things. While working at the geology-department he studied at the Venurian Business University and graduated with honors.

Because of his extensive knowledge and ingenuity, he quickly gained recognition within the corporation and climbed the career ladder, becoming a member of the supervisory board of Venurian Prospecting Ltd. in 104.  Tashawar had also developed a strong interest in politics and gained a reputation for being a reliable mediator, eloquent spokesman and a tough negotiator. After the assassination of Queliar Neamru, the Qua’ it tahir elected Tashawar as the new Third Tahir on 111.3.18.  .

After seeing Solrain Speaker Demeter Garreth very publicly undergo the genetic modification to become a jump-pilot, Tashawar decided to do the same, for both personal and political reasons.

Quantar Political Overview


Governmental Structure:  Qua’ it tahir (Will of the People)
Capital Planet: Quanus

Quantar government (Fa’hil Memta) is unique in as far as a “Tahir” is elected by the people, and remains in this position for life.

The Tahirs must publicly announce all major governmental decisions to the citizenry, with consenting and dissenting opinions where applicable.  If a decision is unpopular enough, any Tahir may be removed by a 70% popular vote. – although this has not happened in over a century.

Historically the people replace the Tahir upon his/her death with a member of his own family. As a result, Quantar government was dominated by  the Neamru family for several decades. That chain was broken in 111AT when Silar Tashawar was elected Third Tahir.


First Tahir: Penjia Neamru (f)
Second Tahir: Sandokhan Neamru (m)
Third Tahir: Silar Tashawar (m)


Esteb Jarwahaal (m)
A’Quina Meniokee (f)

Station Governors

Quantar Core: Delphia Neamru(f)
Corridor: Sathama Randi (m)
Tripoint: Queliar Neamru II. (m)

Solrain Political Overview


Governmental Structure: Commonwealth (Democratic Republic)
Capital Planet: Soria

The STCC (Solrain Traders and Citizens Council) has governed the Commonwealth of Solrain for several centuries. If there ever was a regent to The Commonwealth, that position was abolished before recorded history. Prior to 70 AT, Solrain’s bicameral legislature consisted of the House of Traders (CEOs of the largest 100 corporations) and the House of Citizens (1000 democratically elected individuals). In 70 AT both bodies of Parliament voted to consolidate the large and lethargic historical chambers into a single smaller new entity, the Solrain Traders and Citizens Council (40 top CEOs plus 20 elected individuals from each planet). This orderly act of efficiency, known as The Reorganization, has led to a nimbler government and increased profits.

While the Premier, Ministers and Station Governors are appointed by the STCC, the three Speakers are democratically elected, one every year (on a rotating basis) for three-year terms.  The other planetary representatives on the Council are elected annually with one-year terms.

Primary Political Leaders

Premier: Demeter Garreth (f)
Minister of Trade: Ferrix Charyb (m)
Minister of Citizenry: Aljia Keval (f)

STCC Speakers

Soria: Arbin Mallow (m)
Hellion: Imogen Hugin (f)
Amanra: Lylian “Lyl” Whyte (f)

Station Governors

Solrain Core: Tmolus Merva (m)
The Wake: Hantor Rebenios (m)
The Cornea: Elia del Babon (f)

Octavius Political Overview


Governmental Structure: Hereditary Monarchy
Capital Planets: Ares Prime, Martius, Cinatus

The Octavius Empire was ruled by a triumvirate of three emperors, each one believing that his hereditary claim to the throne of the entire Empire is the most direct by both blood and tradition. . This has lead to not one but three different seats of government – one on each planet.

During the years that Octavius was part of the The Reconstruction Initiative Treaty (26.4 AT – 105.10 AT), each member Faction was required to have a “single point of contact” from its Factional government to TRI. After much in-fighting and another brief civil war, Ares Prime was named the “primary” planet of the system, and only its leader could officially use the title Emperor. The leaders of Martius and Cinatus were forced to use the title of Co-Emperor. Once TRI dissolved and reformed as a corporate entity, the illusion of “co-emperors” was swept away.

Imperial Triune

Emperor, Ares Prime: Venticus Marius  (m)
Emperor, Martius: Iulia Atreus (f)
Emperor, Cinatus: Cineon I (m)


Consul for Ares Prime: Tesios Muca (m)
Consul for Martius: Caelina Arsann (f)
Consul for Cinatus: Nestro Zagabi (m)

Station Governors

Octavius Core: Hasdrubar Carto (m)
Great Pillars: Lucien Karis (m)
Outpost: Zenobia Zvera (f)