Historical Time Line

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In a cooperative effort between TRI-Databank, the Sarath V Memorial Library and UUNN, an interactive time line has been developed to record important historical events.

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Zantor Station

Zantor Station was a major trading and refining outpost being built by Quantar in Great Venure Belt sector.  Construction was started in 84.11AT.  While Quantar claimed the station was built for trade and mining, Hyperial claimed that it was being built as advance base to launch attacks.  zantor stationUltimately, it became the climax of the Second GVB Wars when on 86.10.17AT, Hyperial launched a sneak attack on the nearly-completed station destroying its small defense force and holding all of the station workers and engineers hostage.

On 86.10.28, Quantar launched a counter-attack to re-take the station and free the hostages, but as the battle tipped their way and it became clear that Quantar would regain the station, Hyperial Admiral Payge Roddick ordered the station be destroyed along will all hostages aboard, triggering a Quantar response that Hyperial would never recover from.  In Quantar, this day is remembered as Rajan Sufiinah (The Day of Blood).

Small bits of Zantor Station wreckage remain in GVB — which has become a Quantar monument to the horrors of war, and to all who lost their lives that day.

The following partially-corrupted communique was discovered on a DSS recovered in Outer Roh Cloud and decrypted in 116.9.  Sections within brackets are our “fill-ins.” This is the only known piece of its kind:


We hav[e com]pleted the outer skin of th[e] station and are read [f]or delivery of the __________________________ There have be[en] no sighting of the Hyperial attac[k s]hips and we fear they hav[e] _____ ay to mask their presence. I expect the prima _______ light deck, quarters and trading floor _________ [r]eady within ________ and once that ___ complete we ca[n com]mence with the project. Zantor Stati[on] _______  a great asset for The Chosen. Our miners will be able to foc __________ heir harvest and it will shor[ten the tr]ade route to Sol[rain]— _______________ most of all it will _________ of Hyperial ___________ …

The Aethenaeum

One of the great achievements of the pre-collapse Solarian Federation was a central information repository constructed in orbit around the (now-lost) planet Solrain.  It was constructed in space both to solve a cooling problem for the massive central processors, and also to make it more accessible to everyone since it was built not just for The Federation, but for all of the various peoples and cultures in the neighboring systems.  It was a monument to the history, knowledge, power and technology of the Sol system; and a testament to the Federation’s culture of openness and goodwill.

Some — including the late Cameron Dannewar (of Thrice Seven fame) and his grandson, Dr. Thane Dannewar — contend that periodic transmissions from the Aethenaeum have been received but none have been completely authenticated.

The most recent alleged signal was identified and decrypted in 117 and could possibly provide an exact date and time for The Great Collapse.

The following partially-corrupted communique was discovered on a DSS recovered in 116.  The date 22.5.4751 corresponds with 2059.5.22 BT — 59 years before The Great Collapse.  It appears to be a report made late in the construction phase.

{Decryption and translation courtesy of Hammer_BS and Jalil Aq’tamm}

Aethenaeum Project

Managing Engine __Riger, MSE


It appears that stellar flaro activity caused the disruption of the Aethenaeum datacores, but automatic backup-and-restore routines seem to be working perfectly. What appeared to be a setback, has turned to be an excellent test of the recovery systems. It clearly illustrated that while the ___ advantages to placing things __ processor station in orbit, there are also dangerous ___ approach.

Now we have to quickly improve both the physical as well as the electromagnetic shielding in time for the ceremonies planned for the official boot-up of the system ___ opening of the freenet.

On a different topic, the SkyNex defending system nodes have begun to be moved into place. Unfortunately there is still significant code debugging required. On virtual testing, five authoriz_ _lian ships on a docking trajectory with __ Aethenaeum were targeted and destroy a __ Aethenaeum structure itself was damaged by deadly fire from the SkyNex turret …

Solrain Light Lost Listening Outpost 01 – “soLL01”

Solrain Light Lost Listening Outpost 01 was a Bravo Class station who’s name was stylized as “soLLo1” by an unpopular marketing campaign (the committee responsible had their positions subsequently terminated).


Construction began on the listening post in Light Lost sector in 45AT. It’s goal was to triangulate the pings that were occasionally received from the Planet Solrain’s central database — more than 2,000 years after that planet had vanished in The Great Collapse.  But just a few weeks after going online, a massive explosion ripped through the listening post.  Some of the debris was caught by TRI’s beacon, but most of the station debris drifted off into the unknown. Little credible information about the cause of the explosion was ever found.

Some believed a Quantar splinter group infiltrated and sabotaged what they considered to be a Solrain spy station. Others believed it was caused by an aftershock of the Great Collapse.  Many theories abound but in data obtained during a research mission in 115, there was evidence that the explosion that destroyed sollo1 came from within.

SoLLo1 was the brainchild of Cameron Dannewar, who later became one of the famed “Thrice Seven.”  Dannewar was infatuated with the lore of the lost planet Solrain and spent much of his life in the search for the planet that most believe was forced out of oribit by The Great Collapse, becoming a rogue planet in deep space, and killing the billions of inhabitants.

The Great Collapse

It was a time of light, it was a time of darkness. The four systems had prospered greatly within the balance that only peaceful coexistence could bring. Each of the known systems had something to offer the others, who were all eager to receive. The ancient axes which had been ground for millennia between the traditionalists of the Octavian empire and the rebellious commonwealth of Solrain had long since been buried. The vicious, seemingly eternal struggles between Quantar and Hyperial forces had been temporarily resolved.


Then occurred the unthinkable… an event of religious armageddon for some, an event of impossible chaotic chance for others.  To this day, no one fully understands what happened, but the memoirs of Desigrey Hettir, Cornea Station’s first commanding governor, attempt to provide the simplest description possible.greatcollapse2

A great vibration of unknown origin quaked across the fabric of the universe. Entire planets were torn to pieces in great flashes of light. Countless life forms, thousands of years of prosperity and technology, and all that made sense disappeared in the blink of an eye. It was a tragic event of proportions grander than we have known, or ever will know.

Desigrey Hettir, Memoirs of Time That Was

The death and destruction is horrific and widespread — both in space and dirtside. Martius is made completely uninhabitable (and remained so for over 1,000 years) when a small moon is sent crashing to the planet’s surface; the population of Perasca is almost completely wiped out. Planet Solrain with its huge population and massive information repository (The Aethenaeum) is ejected out of the orbit of Solaria, apparently becoming a rogue planet.

3rd Battalion

The event was one that went largely unmarked except by those who were there and those who commanded the opposing sides. The place: Hellion’s moon Cetannos, in the Cerulus Prime crater. The only inhabitants of the crater a plano-forming community of about ten thousand Solrain citizens…and as was discovered three years ago, an advanced force of the Quantar group known as The Striking Fists

The Fists, a group since disavowed by the Quantar establishment, had successfully infiltrated the Cerulus Prime community. Their nomadic miner ethic fit in well with the hardy plano-formers, and gradually the Fists had established more and more control of the community’s resources. The majority of the community had no idea that they were being used by forces hostile to Solrain, and their traitorous allies.

Under the guise of building extra gas-processing equipment, the Fist-controlled elements in Cerulus Prime began to create factories for attack craft which would be used to attack Solrain shipping out of Hellion. Hellion lacked a strong naval presence, and Cetannos was ideally placed for hit-and-run raids of merchant vessels.

Fortunately, the STCC intelligence branch noticed inconsistencies in the inventory requests for the gas-processors, and the following investigation uncovered the Fist’s operation. A strike by the Solrain Special Forces 3rd Battalion (who specialized in counter-insurgency) was immediately authorized.

Hopes for a quick and surgical operation vanished when the first blast-doors came down. The scope of Fist defensive preparations had been greatly underestimated. A group of thirteen specialists were captured or killed in the opening engagement.

Just as 3rd Battalion commander Aaron Duval was briefing the troops on rescue possibilities, a broadcast from inside the complex was aired. The troops were faced with images of their comrade’s bodies being ejected out of the main complex, minus their heads. They got to see the heads soon after…and the defiant inscriptions carved into their faces.

Duval lost it. No one knew why he reacted as he did, and as he died in the fighting the true reason may never be known. Duval ordered immediate kinetic strikes on every airlock on the Cerulus Prime complex. 3rd Battalion troops streamed through the openings and slaughtered the defending troops. The Screaming Fists died…as did over four thousand civilians in the widespread depressurizations caused by the kinetic strikes.

The STCC did it’s best to cover the incident up, of course. With no Duval to put on trial, the 3rd Battalion was quietly disbanded. The Cerulus Prime complex, or what remained of it, came under the direct control of the STCC, with the surviving civilian plano-formers under a strict communications blackout.

The scattered members of the 3rd Battalion have been left to make their own way in the universe. Many have become pilots for Solrain as part of The Reconstruction Initiative, happy to leave their dirt-side lives behind. How they will deal with the ghosts that haunt them remains to be seen.

Imperial Succession – Ares Prime

The Accession Tradition on Ares Prime requires a duel to be fought between the two nearest blood heirs to the throne if they have an equal claim, or if there is a single heir apparent, then he must defeat the sitting Consul. The duel need not be to the death, but sometimes is. The winner takes the throne; the disposition of the loser varies greatly. Many of the vanquished have become the Consul of Ares Prime following tradition, but equally as many have spent the remainder of their lives as fugitives or prisoners. In the case of a single heir apparent versus the sitting Consul, only a very few Consuls have both been inclined and able to defeat the youthful prince. This Duel of Accession has been a tradition since pre-historic times.

From the shadows of ancient history, we have what almost certainly is an apocryphal tale of both the origin of the Duel of Accession and the colonization of Maritus and Cinatus. It should be noted that few if any reliable direct sources can be cited. In fact, most historians on Maritus and even some on Cinatus dispute that there ever was a time that Ares Prime was settled and the other planets were not, claiming instead a simultaneous colonization.

Gaius Octavius, the greatest Emperor of the pre-colonization Epoch, had 3 splendid sons: identical triplets. They grew, all three to become great warriors, cunning leaders, and were held in the highest of honor by the body Politik.Gaius was aged, and rather than name as his heir the eldest, following the tradition of that era, for he felt it foolish to hold minutes in such high regard, he gave his three sons over to a contest. It was a series of nine challenges testing mind, body, and spirit equally.

To the winner, the throne of Octavius was given, his seat of power to be forever in Trivera, Ares Prime. To the second, he gave command and governorship over the colony ship bound for Cinatus. To the third, he gave the colony ship embarking for Maritus.

The new Emperor, to honor his brothers, eventually named his own two sons after them. At the end of his reign, to honor his father before him, he began a tradition with his sons whereby the two nearest blood-heirs to the throne must compete for the crown. The victorious brother became the Emperor, and the vanquished became the Consul of Ares Prime. And thus it has been on Ares Prime from time immemorial unto today.

Source of the modern Imperial Triune

Around 35 BT, Ares Prime was home to the sole Emperor of Octavius, Atticus VI. His son and heir, Atticus (who would have been Atticus VII as the Duel of Accession is often a formality when a single heir is obvious) went missing and presumed dead during a hunting expedition on rugged Maritus many years prior.

The two nearest blood-heirs to Atticus VI, Cassius and Marcus were both nephews spawned from his two contentious sisters. The Accession Duel was passionately fought between the bitter rivals. In the end, Cassius proved the victor, but Marcus accused him of dishonorably rigging the contest in his favor. Cassius and his political backers proved strong enough to make good his claim on the throne, casting Marcus into exile.

Marcus and his backers fled to Cinatus which was on the verge of revolt at the time. Marcus found welcome followers in the revolutionaries, and was subsequently named “True Emperor” by the Cinati. Civil War ensued, most of it fought on Cinatus to ruinous effect on that planet’s ecosystem. Only one major engagement took place on Ares Prime, but it was in the planet’s “bread basket” region causing yet another cycle of starvation there.

While the bulk of Ares Prime’s military assets were tied up fighting on Cinatus, a mysterious figure arose from the wastelands of Maritus calling himself Atticus VII. He claimed to be true heir, suffering these many years from drug induced amnesia, a plot perpetrated by his ambitious aunts.

Atticus was accepted by the people of Maritus. Cassius was forced to pull his military back from Cinatus to defend Ares Prime against the new threat he perceived from Maritus.

Atticus calculated that even if he could defeat Ares Prime, Cinatus would be ready to swoop in against the depleted victor. So a stalemate ensued. Atticus altered his royal moniker to Atticus Primus thereby inaugurating a new dynasty, and “moved the seat of the throne” to Maritus. Today, six generations later, Emperor Atticus Septus still claims to be the sole “True” Emperor of Octavius, as does Marcus’ descendant, Emperor Cineon of Cinatus.

During the years that Octavius was part of the The Reconstruction Initiative Treaty (26.4 AT – 105.10 AT), there was a requirement for each member Faction to have a “single point of contact” from its Factional government to TRI. After much in-fighting and another brief civil war, Ares Prime was named the “primary” planet of the system. Once TRI dissolved and reformed as a corporate entity, the illusion of “co-emperors” was swept away.