The Hamalzah’din Path

pathsThe Hamalzah’din Path is an ultraconservative sect within Quantar that was first noticed in 117, but which has been growing exponentially since then.  It is led by Qashish (High Priest) Rabb Nost’avor, the Seneschal of Makhna Omala’ak (one of the oldest and holiest places in Quantar).

Nost’avor and the Hamalzah’din believe that Quantar is too secular and far too connected-to and dependent-upon the other factions.  They believe that Quantar government should be decentralized, that primary power should reside within the Akhot’ah and that all focus should be on harvesting, defending and improving Quantar space.




The is the high temple in Petrios and the center of all Quantar religion.  It is pronounced bah-KO-bah.  The name is a shortened version of ba’ab akobah, which means “gateway to the heavens (or stars).”


This massive temple, with more than 15,000 square meters of space on four different levels,  opened in 1463 BT after nine years of construction.  It has remained the religious and cultural center of Quantar since that day.  It also acts as the administrative center for The Akhot’ah — the Quantar Council of High Priests — making it an important political center as well.


Temple of Roh

The Temple of Roh is a major pilgrimage site on Quanus in the city of Khalar Fa’el.  It is believe to date to approximately 1850 BT, during the Dark Age, and was the first Quantar temple constructed after The Great Collapse.

Temple of Roh


Although it is a very small structure, it remains one of the High Holy places of Quantar and is in regular operation overseen by a Seneschal of the Akhot’ah (High Presthood).